The MF, MG and MT series MONO type hygienic positive-displacement pumps are ideal for delicate, linear transfer operations, without throbbing, of fluids of varying densities, with or without suspended solid bodies. The product is pushed linearly, without being agitated, producing high quality transfer results and avoiding risks and eventual problems associated with emulsification. These particularly sturdy and highly reliable pumps are self-priming and reversible, they can be provided with variable or fixed delivery (in proportion to the speed) according to requirements and, on request, they can be fitted with an automatic safety by-pass, trolley and electric system. The special technology that has been adopted and the low number of revs both guarantee silent running operations. All parts that come into contact with the product are made in AISI 304 stainless steel, with threaded intake and delivery fittings, as required by DIN 11851 standard regulations. The extremely simple assembly system ensures that all operations can be carried out rapidly, facilitating the inspection of all parts for any eventual cleaning or maintenance operations. The various applications for this pump range from foodstuff and wine-making to dairy products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical products, etc., for bottling procedures, filtering, transfer operations and various other liquid or alimentary paste processes, fruit- juices, wines, grape must and liquids (general alimentary and industrial products) of varying densities. Performance: maximum transfer capacity - depending on model, maximum pressure 6 or 12 atm., maximum temperature - depending on stator and seal.