Manzini peristaltic electric pumps with pressing rotor, type PE, built in en-bloc thick aluminium casting or cast iron, are suitable for the transfer of different liquids in general, high viscosity liquids (such as molasses, fruit and vegetable pulp or similar products), dregs, wines, wet or dry grapes pulp, grapes, vinegar, oil, fruit juices and pulps with fruit pieces, industrial alcohol and spirits, liquid containing large solid pieces in suspension, mud (sewage sector, ceramic production and cut, paper production etc.), material processing rests with large solid pieces and/or abrasive materials. The main characteristics are as follows: a strong self-priming power, (-9,3 m), an efficient dry functioning, the low revolution rate of the rotor, the reversible flow, the absence of heating of the transferred products, a good level of flow homogeneity, a very low mechanic wear off even by the transfer of very abrasive materials together with a very low need for maintenance. Our pumps are available in the two-speed version or with motor speed variator or inverter and are equipped with an electric system, compensation chambers, AISI 316 fittings and a wheel trolley. On request, some models can be fitted with scroll hopper with stainless steel scroll for the transfer of grapes, marc, wet or dry pulps, fruit skins or fruits in general, vegetables, semi-solid products etc. Main features: hourly capacity and pressure varying according to different models.