The Manzini stainless steel electric positive-displacement pump with elliptic revolving piston and stainless steel hopper is suitable for the transfer of grapes, marc, wet or dry pulps, fruits in general, semi-solid products etc. The technology used, the lower number of revolutions, the piston supplied from behind by a non-coaxial scroll to the rotor allow for the most delicate transfer of the product. The transfer principle is based on the slow push of the product and not on centrifugation, thus guaranteeing the best quality of the transfer, not damaging fruits, grapes, grapes-stalks and all products in general. Electric pumps are equipped with stainless steel fittings as the collection tub, the protection grid, the scroll, the sump stub pipe and the electric system and trolley which can be mounted on anti-vibration feet. On request it can be fitted with a special swan-necked pipe for ground connection, compensation vase, PVC flexible hoses, etc.. Hourly capacity, maximum horizontal distance and maximum discharge height vary according to the different models.